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The UAE market, especially Abu Dhabi's, is witnessing an unprecedented boom in every aspect of life; but most importantly in construction. Scores of companies are competing within this vibrant sector, putting contractors in a unique challenge to prove their ability to respond to the growing expectations of the public. It is within this context that ebhaar has taken upon itself to provide its clients with new quality answers to their requirements. Armed with years of hands-on experience, a team of visionary architects and scrupulous engineers, a dedicated and motivated workforce and a complete range of machinery, ebhaar is proud to stand high amongst the crowd in the quality of its turn-key projects, finished with utmost professionalism, superior finishing and always ahead of time.

Following the success of our contracting arm in Abu Dhabi, another ebhaar Contracting was established in Dubai to cater for its hectic and demanding market. Supported with its sister companies all over the UAE, Dubai's ebhaar is in an excellent competitive position to deliver and succeed in the coming few years.

The other competitive edge we have lies in the fact that we do all our business ourselves. We have our numerous sister companies providing us with own machinery, transportation, building materials, professional expertise and even the finishing touches of landscaping. This enables us to cut your costs considerably, and to provide you with the convenience of one contractor that assumes full responsibility for your projects.


Ebhaar General contracting with the long experience of its engineers and personnel is able to take and execute the following projects :

  • High Quality residential buildings.
  • High Quality of Industrial installations.
  • Swimming pools
  • Water feauters
  • Agricultural projects

Drawing on the vast resources of other Ebhaar Group of Establishments, we sure to meet the most demanding requirements of our vaued customers.


Ebhaar Group considers "Quality" as one of the core value and a major pillar in its business ethics. From conception of the company quality procedures are being drafted and implemented to ensure that our customers will receive the best quality jobs.

Emphasis is also placed on all the safety aspects of the works from the protection of the work force and the protection of the actual works, consequently, safety training on a regular basis is the norm of our establishment.

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