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Landscaping is both a science and an art. It requires aesthetic talents and design skills. It involves understanding the elements of nature and construction, and developing them to come up with a beautiful and comfortable living environment.

A great interest in landscaping is spreading throughout the UAE and beyond, where projects and even individuals are competing for beautiful and creative landscapes.

Therefore, Ebhaar has set its own landscaping entity " Ebhaar Landscaping ", to cater for the local and regional markets.

The creative team of landscapers within Ebhaar Landscaping has a variety of ideas and styles that can satisfy the most demanding tastes. With a skillful manipulation of flora, fauna and water, we are capable of developing the traditional concept of mere gardening, to create new atmosphere and an appealing environment in and around your projects and properties.

We are Specializing in : Commercial and Office parks, Villas and Appartements garden and Luxury Residencial


Imagine the experience of passion and fullfillment with your loved ones and friends by walking beside a cozy pool, pond or a calming water feature.

We have the right people and equipments that can put your dream Pools into a real one. We guarantee that we can meet your requirements as per the needs and wants through our services.

At Ebhaar Group, We use the latest technologies to make sure you have the pool of your dreams...

Imagine this. It is a perfectly clear winter night, the glow of the moon reflecting off of the snow and through the still pines. Not a sound is to be heard as any traffic noises are silenced by the soft layer of snow on the ground. You are sitting down, yet you are completely warm. The fresh cool air tickles your neck and allows you to breathe deeply. The only sound it seems for miles is the gentle bubbling of your outdoor Jacuzzi and the sporadic contented sigh of your spouse.

This is the magic of the Jacuzzies.

Nothing can quite transform a landscape like a water feature. Whether it's a dramatic waterfall or a quiet pond, water works its magic on any garden, providing a focal point and soothing the soul. Moving water provides delightful background music and masks traffic noise. If you're thinking of adding a water feature to your yard, Contact Ebhaar Group. Our Professional Designers can Provide you Great ideas and services.

Generally, gardens are the greatest attractions in any landscape.

Gardens are maintained in residential as well as in non residential areas like parks, theme parks, amusement parks, and restaurants.

Both residential and non residential gardens need good designing to make them look attractive.

A Gazebo is a really wonderful addition to your lawn garden.

It is great decoration for your home and enhance your curb appeal. It can be wonderful aesthetic addition to the garden. You can have a wonderful time with your family in your Gazebo.

If ypu have a pool in your garden, then a Gazebo close by will give you a spectacular view along with cool breaze from the pool.

A pergola is an overhead structure used to make the outdoors more inviting, to extend livable space, to creat a shady retreat, and serve as a major Landscaping element.

Pergolas add grace, style, comfort and architectural charecter to your home.

In many cases the pergola becomes the favorite part of the house.

We help you to create an environment that reflects your own personality and style.


Ebhaar Group Landscaping is here to help you meet the challenges of the climate here in the Area with expert Irrigation Services. We provide full-service irrigation, from new installations to repairs.

We use only commercial grade equipment for all jobs, including Luxury Residential, ensuring that your investment in your landscape is protected.

Professional installations | Water saving designs


In any design and aesthetic situation, lighting provides a real difference in appearance. It communicates desirability, drama and attention to detail.

At Ebhaar Group landscaping, we understand the importance of this design factor, and work to ensure that it is used to the best advantage in promoting your property.

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